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Projekt Dombås: Eine HO-Anlage

Dombås Layout Overview
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Dombås overview
(Dombås 1996-06-26)
layout overview
(Layout 2004-01-01)

The layout pages describe my modeltrain layout in detail. My layout has Dombås as its central focus.

In 2005 the layout was dismanteled because of a move. See start of new layout for the first steps towards the new layout, which will re-use much of the old layout. All other pages still describe the old layout.

The only prototypical part of the layout is Dombås station. All the other parts are freelance. Besides Dombås station there are two small staging areas, and "Dovre" and "Skeievoll" and two larger staging area's, "Trondheim" and "Åndalsnes". "Trondheim" and "Åndalsnes" are reached by going down the helix. On top of the helix is a reversing loop, which also has a little staging area, which is called "Dovre". The factory is using the space in the centre of the reversing loop.

The whole layout is built in segments or modules. Because of this the layout already survived one major move.

The history pages shows the history of this layout that started in 1995. The layout at a glance pages will show the different parts of the layout in more detail. The layout is operated using a timetable and the operating details page has details about the timetable operation. The layout is controlled with digital command control (DCC). The rolling stock pages show various train models that are used on the layout.

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