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DCC (Digital Command Control) Overview

Last update: 2005

A couple of years ago I decided to install a DCC system on my Dombås layout. I started reading about all the different systems on the market and to make a long story short I decided to buy the North Coast Engineering Power House Pro system.

The NCE Power House Pro system consists of a small box which houses the booster and command station (see picture below) and a controller, the ProCab (see picture to the right).

(click on the picture to see a larger (1024*768) picture)

At first I simply hooked up the booster wires to the existing wires of the main controller and by doing that I was able to run within a couple of minutes. Later the wiring has changed a little bit. On top of the NCE box sits the rrampmeter from TTX. This shows the current track voltage (13.9V) and current (0.09 amps).
The following picture shows a TTX PSFour, that is currently used for the booster power distribution.

The layout is divided in four blocks (Dombås, Dovre/factory, Trondheim staging and Åndalsnes staging) and each block is hooked up to a PSFour output. This will prevent that shorts in one block shutdown the whole layout. To the right is a 12 volt voltage regulator that is powering the NCE BD20 (to the far right) that is used for block detection (for a signal).
The BD20 visible in the picture detects a train leaving Dombås in the direction of Oslo. Before the train leaves the station, the signal is set to 'double green' by the engineer by means of a push button, after the train leaves the stations and gets detected it will be set back to 'red'. Two simular detectors can be found on the other end of the Dombås station for two outgoing signal at that end (direction of Trondheim and Åndalsnes).

To have an extra controller around (for visitors etc...), I added a simple engineers cab, the NCE Cab4p.

Separate pages will describe the installation of decoders in the locomotives used on this layout and the addressing scheme used (see index)

The NCE ProCab, the main controller and also used for all the programming. This ProCab has been converted to the NCE wireless system, the antenna on top the controller is visible evidence of that.

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