Time table

Realistic operations with time tables and train schedules is something I always wanted to do. Based on the time table information that I had gathered over the years, I was able to create a time table for my layout.
The start for this time table were the NSB graphic time tables for schedule R97.1. Because of space limitations I had to scrap some trains but it still gives a good impression of the real schedule. I added the local freight trains from Åndalsnes to Vinstra from schedule R98.1. These trains added the switching operations.
Schedule R97.1 was the last schedule with night trains between Oslo and Åndalsnes and in this schedule they were operated as separate trains, in prior schedules the sleeping cars would run in the Oslo-Trondheim night train.

At this time I'm not using a fast clock but that might change in the future. Currently the time table is used to get the order in which the trains have to run.

Dombås time table R96.1

Operating details

  • Freight trains Oslo-Trondheim

    Freight trains between Oslo and Trondheim are numbered in the 5700 series. On my layout they run from the Trondheim staging yard through the helix to Dombås. In Domås the freight trains will stop for a crew change and then continue on to the Dovre staging yard which will be reached through the reverse loop. Freight trains to Trondheim (from Oslo) will run the route in the opposite direction.
    Freight trains are run by the El14 (Lima) and El16 (Roco) class locomotives.
  • Freight train Åndalsnes-Oslo

    The freight train from Åndalsnes arrives around midnight and runs from Åndalsnes staging through the helix to Dombås. In Dombås the two Di3 locomotives will change for a single El14 or El16. It will continue through the reversing loop to the Dovre staging yard. The returning train will run in the opposite direction and will change its locomotive to the double Di3 consist.
  • Local freight train Åndalsnes-Vinstra

    This train, hauled by Di3, NS6400 or T44, will run from Åndalsnes staging to Dombås and then it continues to the factory which is located in the reversing loop. After switching the factory area it will return to Dombås and Åndalsnes. If necessary it can do some local switching at Dombås.
  • Passenger trains Oslo-Trondheim

    Passenger trains between Oslo and Trondheim are numbered in 40 and 400 series. The 40 series are express trains and should be run with B7 type coaches. While waiting for these coaches to arrive (NMJ has scheduled them in June 2002), the express trains run with B5 coaches. The express trains are hauled by El16, El17 or El18. The other passenger trains, 400 series, are run with B3 coaches are normally run with either El16 or El18.
    The night train runs like the other trains from Trondheim, through Domås to the Dovre staging yard and vise-versa. Due to the lack of WLAB cars I run them with B3 coaches.
  • Passenger trains Oslo-Dombås

    These trains are part of the IC service around Oslo and on my layout are run by an El13 with B5 coaches. They run from Dombås to the Dovre staging area.
  • Passenger trains Åndalsnes-Dombås

    The two day time trains are running with a Di3 and B3 coaches. The Di3 locomotive is turned on the Dombås turn table.
    The night train runs to Oslo (Dovre staging yard) and changes its locomotive from a Di3 to an El13 in Dombås.
Dombås layout time table
based on R97.1
arrival depature track trainno from/to
0:15 0:45 5703 Oslo-Trondheim
0:55 1:07 1 356 Åndalsnes-Oslo
1:44 1:46 2 406 Trondheim-Oslo
2:24 2:50 5257 Oslo-Åndalsnes
2:56 2:58 5708 Trondheim-Oslo
3:33 3:35 5707 Oslo-Trondheim
4:15 4:20 2 405 Oslo-Trondheim
4:39 4:50 2 355 Oslo-Åndalsnes

8:03 1 344 Dombås-Oslo
8:08 8:15 5782 Trondheim-Oslo
9:00 9:02 5781 Oslo-Trondheim
10:35 1 352 Åndalsnes-Dombås
10:44 10:47 2 42 Trondheim-Oslo
12:05 12:17 2 402 Trondheim-Oslo
12:07 5252 Åndalsnes-Dombås
12:17 12:19 2 41 Oslo-Trondheim
12:25 1 351 Dombås-Åndalsnes
12:30 5254 Dombås-Vinstra
12:51 12:53 5702 Trondheim-Oslo
13:54 1 349 Oslo-Dombås
14:54 14:56 5701 Oslo-Trondheim
16:03 1 346 Dombås-Oslo
17:59 1 354 Åndalsnes-Dombås
18:08 18:10 2 44 Trondheim-Oslo
18:10 5255 Vinstra-Dombås
18:20 1 413 Dombås-Trondheim
18:25 5253 Dombås-Åndalsnes
19:13 19:15 2 403 Oslo-Trondheim
19:45 1 410 Trondheim-Dombås
20:12 20:14 2 43 Oslo-Trondheim
20:22 1 353 Dombås-Åndalsnes
21:10 21:12 5704 Trondheim-Oslo
22:10 1 321 Oslo-Dombås
23:31 23:52 5258 Åndalsnes-Oslo
Train 353 in Dombås