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Dombås, a railway junction in Norway


Dombås was connected by rail in 1913 by the Eidsvol-Dombåsbanen. It is situated 343 km north from Oslo, capital of Norway. In 1921 the line was extended to Støren where it connected to the Rørosbanen. In 1924 the Raumabanen between Dombås and Åndalsnes was opened and from that day on the station is a junction between the Raumabanen and Dovrebanen. The old station building (see pictures) was destroyed in 1940 and replaced by a new one in 1941. 
Dombås is located at 659.3 meters above sealevel. In 1968 the Dovrebanen was electrified. The Raumabanen remains to be a dieseldriven line. 

Recent years saw some interesting changes. The Di3 locomotives that hauled both the passenger and freight trains to Åndalsnes were put out of service. Also train sets (BM70, BM73 and BM93) were introduced.

About the pictures. The origin on the first picture is unknown. The two other pictures (center and bottom) are taken from pictures hanging on the wall in the current Dombås station building. Click on the pictures to get a better view.

old building

old photo

old photo


Today Dombås is served by the Express and regular trains between Oslo and Trondheim. Åndalsnes is served twice a day by BM93 (Talent) diesel train sets. The freight trains to Åndalsnes are hauled by a Di8 and/or T44. The trains on the Dovrebanen shows almost every possible Norwegian electric rolling stock. The express-trains are hauled by a El18 or are run by the new BM73 tilt train sets. El14 and El16 are regular visitors in freight trains. The early morning train to Oslo (and further to Skien) consists of a BM70 multiple unit.

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