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Layout at a glance

History of the Dombås Layout (part 6)
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A few years have passed since the last update. No major changes have happend, the layout is in fully operational condition. The panorama at the top of the page shows the complete layout. The upper deck shows the Trondheim and Åndalsnes staging yards (left), Dombås and the helix (right). The lower deck has the connection from the helix to the Oslo staging yard.

The picture to the left shows the turntable in Dombås.


This picture shows the finished staging yard for both Trondheim and Åndalsnes. The small control panel for the switches and turntable has color coding to distinguish between the two staging areas.


My daughters have grown to a stage where they really show interest in running trains. Both of them understands the basic of selecting a locomotive on an NCE controller and run a train. To the left Miriam is running an expres train with a BM 73. To the right Esther is busy with an El11 and switching a freight train together.

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