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Roco NS 2433


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Roco NS 2433

Roco NS 2433

Last update: May 31, 2008
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The Roco NS 2400 model was introduced in 2007 in various paint schemes. The NS 2433 represents the version in the wellknown gray and yellow paint scheme. For pictures of the 2400 see the special page about freight trains in Franeker. The title picture of this page shows a typical freight train as seen in Franeker.

The Roco version has only two lights in the front and back of the locomotive. It should have the following lights:

  • Running forward it should have three, in reverse L format
  • In the rear it had two red top lights
A special set to fix this is available from Digirails

The Digirails set contains off two new circuit boards with very small LEDs. They replace the factory mounted Roco boards. Here the new board is mounted on one side. Two extra wires are needed to connect the new board.

A test, the new red top lights are working. They were used when the locomotive ran solo (no train).

Now the front lights, it shows the reverse L, as was typical for NS locomotives.

Now both boards are mounted. The four extra wires (2 coming from each board) are clearly visible.

Ready! Now it has the correct lights.

And the two red lights are working fine as well. This set is highly recommended if you have a Roco NS 2400.

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