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El11 at Oslo S
El11.2105 with train 343 at Oslo Sentral
el11 around roundhouse
Gammel, Mellom and Ny Design

Last update: March 12, 2015
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The Norwegian El11 was an universal locomotive. It was based on the Swiss Re4/4. The first serie (El11a) came into service between 1951 and 1956. A second serie (El11b) was built in 1963/64. It had a very different front window configuration. The El11 was in service until 1998.

NMJ has made the El11 in both the Superline (brass) and Topline (plastic) series. Skaladesign also has an El11, I have it on order and it will be added to this page as soon as it arrives in my collection.

Number: El11.2083
Manufacturer: NMJ
Catalogus no: NMJUEL11
Era: 1966 - 02/1983
Description: NMJ Superline (brass) version of the El11. The El11.2083 was part of an unfortunate accident in 1966 and got rebuilt using the same fronts as the El11b, therefore it has the two windows in the front as for four in the original version.

Number: El11.2089
Manufacturer: NMJ
Catalogus no: 86.301
Era: 07/1983 - 1991
Description: NMJ Topline version of the El11. The El11.2089 represents the intermediate colour scheme (mellom design).

Number: El11.2093
Manufacturer: NMJ
Catalogus no: 86.200
Era: 03/1954 - 04/1983
Description: NMJ Topline version of the El11. The El11.2093 represents the old brown colour scheme (gammel design).

Number: El11.2102
Manufacturer: NMJ
Catalogus no: 86.401
Era: 002/1984 - 06/1994
Description: NMJ Topline version of the El11, in the 'ny design' version.

Number: El11.2107
Manufacturer: Skaladesign
Catalogus no: 11.2107
Era: Until 1985 - after 1995
Description: Skaladesign made a small serie of the El11. It was announced in 2010 and finally delivered in 2015. Very nice model, which is built using a combination of brass, metal and plastic. The El11.2107 is the current museum locomotive.

Number: El11.2146
Manufacturer: NMJ
Catalogus no: 87.401
Era: 03/1986 - 06/1994
Description: NMJ Topline version of the El11b.

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