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Roco Di3.641

Roco Di3.641
Last update: August 31, 2004.
(click on the pictures to see a larger (800x600) picture)

The first Roco Di3 model was introduced in 2003. It was the Di3.641 in the old brown colour (NSB gammel design). The presence of all four cab doors and the small NSB logo place this model in a timeframe between 1968 and 1970.

A couple of typically Norwegian details are missing from the Roco model:

  • Snow plow
  • Metal cab window protection
  • Mirrors

The picture shows the Roco Di3.641 as it appears out of the box.

NMJ makes the cab window protection (gitter in Norwegian). This picture shows the updated model.

Recently Roco introduced the Swedish TMY. This model has a snow plow. The spare snow plow was placed on the Roco Di3.641.

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