Who is he?

NSB Di3.606 & LHB

The picture above shows an early encounter with a Norwegian Di3. This was in the summer of 1983 during one of our family trips to Norway. In 1983 I got a camera and started taking pictures myself.

Born in the Netherlands and I received my first modeltrain set from Sinterklaas during the mid-seventies. It was a Hema/Lima set with a NS 1200. During a move to another house in 1982 I found this train set again and my interest in trains started to grow again. Over the years I built a layout in two bedrooms in the attic of our house. Numerous tienertoer (cheap train fare) trips gave me enough inspiration and pictures.

In the summer of 1993 I made a train trip to Scandinavia and that was the start of switching my modelling interest from Dutch railways to Norwegian railways. For the next couple of years I made these train trips to Norway. I bought my first Norwegian modeltrains in 1994 and started the Dombås layout shortly thereafter.

In the summer of 1998 we moved to the USA. The layout moved as well. The next big thing was the switch to DCC and after another move to California I've now been focussed on expanding the Norwegian train collection and working on DCC related items.